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What is Foro Infraestructuras?




Foro Infraestructuras



We are the only multi-sectorial Association that represents private companies involved in the concessions of infrastructures and public services in Spain.


We are especially interested in transport, energy, Smart cities, social and health, communication, innovation and technology infrastructures.


Known as ForoPPP until 2017, we have been promoting for the past ten years the development of infrastructures in the whole Spanish territory and the cooperation between the Public Administration and the Private Sector.


We support a relationship between the Administration and Companies, where the first party defines the strategy of the project (organizing, regulating and supervising it), and the second one provides its know-how and experience.


Our Members belong to all areas involved in the infrastructures field: finance, services, consultancy, engineering, legal, concessionaires and construction.

Through them, we participate in all the concessional projects developed in our country at present.




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Our Activities

'Analyzing Aena privatization model as a possible solution to the problem of bailed out toll roads in Spain'

We organized this Event with our member Osborne Clarke.


'Project Management and PPPs'

We participated in this Congress organized by Aedip.


'Boosting the internationalization of Spanish infrastructures'

Our Chairman took part in this Event together with the Ministry of Public Works, ICO, ICEX and the Embassies of Australia and Mexico, among other speakers.


'The Opportunity within the Juncker Plan' was the topic of this Conference we organized with EY in the Representation of the European Commission in Madrid.


II Mediterranean Forum for Strategic and Corporate Investment

We partnered with Broseta for this Conference celebrated in Valencia.


I International Conference 'Fostering sustainability and innovation in cities through PPP'

We participated as Chair of one of the round tables in this Event by the PPP for Cities Center IESE.

'The Mediterranean Corridor'

We organized this Conference with Broseta and Valencia Plaza.

'Discussing Water in Latin America and Spain'

We celebrated  this Conference in association with CAF, the Ministry of Agriculture and ICEX.

You can find out more by clicking here

IESE and ForoPPP present the UN 'PPP for Cities' Centre

All the details of the Event here

Conference organized with Esade and KREAB on the Benefits of PPP

PPP Experts analysed the benefits citizens receive from PPPs: read the summary

ForoPPP visits the Assembly of Madrid

A Delegation of our Board of Directors visited the Assembly of Madrid. Click here for more data.

The Chairman of the Spanish Ports System participates in one of our Events

Mr. José Llorca Ortega analyzed 'PPP Opportunities in Ports'. More details here

Mr. Iñigo de La Serna, Mayor of Santander, in our Event

The  Mayor of Santander was the speaker at the Breakfast-Meeting 'Santander: an example of Smart City'. Find the program of the meeting following this link

ForoPPP meets the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

Our Water Committee invited Mr. José María Piñero Campos (General Director of Community Funds) to attend one of our meetings. Click here for more information.

AGM 2013 ForoPPP

We held our Annual General Assembly with the participation of the Hon. Mr. Mario Garcés, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Development. For more information click here

'Smart Cities: Vitoria-Gasteiz as model'

Our Association organized an Event with Mr. Javier Maroto, Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz. For more information: click here

'Infrastructures and PPP: A European Vision. The New Directive.'

We brought the European debate on Infrastructures and CPP to Spain in a meeting with Members of the European Parliament. You can find all the details of the Event: here

'Public-Private Partnership Units: Other Countries' Experience'

We advocated the creation of a PPP Unit during the Conference 'PPP Units: Other Countries' Experience'. For more details: follow the link

ForoPPP meets the Ministry of Environment

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Mr. Federico Ramos de Armas, participated as guest of honor in one of our Water Committee meetings. For more information: click here

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